Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go Green, Live A Simple Life!

How many of you live or try to live a green life? Maybe it is was one of your New Year's Resolution's or maybe it is something you try to be conscious of on a daily basis.It seems everywhere you turn, there is something about being green or going green. All the big box retailers sell a reusable, Eco-friendly bag. Some of them offer money back for bringing your plastic bags back in. Many magazines have articles in them about ways to go green or how to be more Eco-friendly, which brings me to my post today.

In my latest issue of Hobby Farm Home, they have 2 articles that have ways to live a simpler, more green way of life. Here are the 3 suggestions they offer:

1.Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
2.Shop Secondhand
3.Make or Grow It Yourself

I try on a daily basis to live a more simpler, green way of life. We we have a compost site, we recycle everything we can,we grow our own vegetables and fruits which we can and preserve. We have changed all of our light bulbs to Energy Saving ones. In the Spring and Summer we line dry our clothes. These things seem small in comparison sometimes, but I believe every little bit helps. We also try to incorporate these ideas into Plain Jane Primitives. I know there are many more ways that I could possibly live more "green", so I would love to hear all the ways that you live a more simple,green life? Leave a comment, let me know!

Have a Simple Sunday!

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