Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special Holiday Giveaway!

The holiday's are approaching quickly and it is almost time for the hustle and bustle of Christmas Shopping, wrapping gifts, visiting family near or far, eating that delicious holiday food that we all try and swear we will watch how much we eat this year. Unless you are anything like me, that thought flys right out the window as soon as I arrive home and smell that familiar smell of mom's cooking. No matter how busy we get during this busy season, there are always moments that pass that make us think of our most cherished childhood holiday memory.

Was it a special day spent with family choosing and cutting down a Christmas tree to bring home? Did you have make snickerdoodles or sugar cookies with Grandma? Maybe it was going to church at Midnight on Christmas Eve? The list could go on and on and that is exactly what we would like it to do.

Please post a comment telling us what your most cherished childhood memory is of the Holiday season. The comments will close on November 7th at 12:00 p.m. CST and a winner will randomly be chosen on Monday November 9th to receive a special Holiday Season Gift Basket filled with Plain Jane Primitives items.

Spread the early Holiday cheer early and let your friends and family know about this wonderful giveaway!

Good Luck and we can't wait to hear from you!


  1. My favorite holiday memory has to be baking cookies with my family and friends. We would get toghether for a whole day and bake all day long (in double ovens) to make over 150 DOZEN cookies of all types! It was a wonderful day had by everyone, and we all got to go home with TONS of cookies to eat!

  2. My favorite memory are the Christmas traditions my family still upholds from childhood, even though we are all adults now with our own children. Christmas eve consists of going to my parents' house where we exchange gifts and feast on finger foods and eggnog. After everyone is full and tired, we head home to go to sleep so Santa can come. On Christmas morning, the kids are always up early excited to see what Santa brought. We sit in our jammies around the tree opening gifts. We spend the entire day in our jammies playing with the kids, listening to Christmas music, eating and relaxing.

  3. My favorite holiday memory is going to my grandparents house and one of my uncles would sneak out after dinner and dress up like santa. We wouldn't as kids notice he was missing and really think it was santa. He would pass out gifts to all of us and then uncle so and so would reappear to see what we all received. It was great family time....

  4. My favorite holiday memory is when we would take turns and dress up like Santa for the little cousins on Christmas Eve. I also love to make Christmas cookies with my sister every year. Yummo!

  5. Oh there are so many wonderful memories of Christmas in my heart!! I just love this time of year, it brings families closer together if only for that one special day. That would be my fondest memory of my family all getting together at my grandparents home & staying till late at night on Christmas Eve eatting & telling stories ( most of which we've heard as long as we can remember )
    There are no young children in my family yet, I am actually the 2nd youngest at 29, but the memories keep coming each year!
    Merry Christmas early to all.....
    Megan @ stitchinthedayaway2.blogspot.com

  6. My best memory is of the Christmas I was in first grade, around 1952. I remember waking up to A Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night(my Dad had put on that part of the record with Santa saying that) and Dad was standing at the window waving. I knew that I had just missed seeing Santa Claus!! That is the year I received a walking doll and a whole warerobe(my Mom had sewed). Back then children were easy to please and the world was a lot simpler place. Oh the fun my sister and I had with our walking dolls!

  7. My favorite memory is of me and my sister putting on a play for our relatives on Christmas Eve ~ it was just my sister and I, we had no cousins or other children in the family ~ and tons of adults. My sis recently found the old 8mm movies and transferred them to dvd for our parents 50th anniversary. Oh what fun we had watching them all together with our parents and our own children :)
    Blessings, Patti

  8. My favorite memory is me trudging through the snow on Christmas morning to bring my horse her Christmas morning treats. I don't know how I ever managed in the snow, and am happy to be back in the sunny south. But that is a wonderful memory.


  9. So many fond memories of Christmas as a child...I have a sweet memory of the year my own Grandfather came dressed as Santa to our annual Sunday School Christmas Party in the little country church we attended. There was just something extra special about "Santa" that year... Still carry on the tradition of those simple gifts he handed out:my kids enjoy finding an orange and peppermint candy canes in their stockings each year, and oh! the homemade popcorn balls we had as a child...sigh...oh the memories! :-)

    Thank you for offering this giveaway, and for bringing back such a sweet memory!

    June B.