Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a weekend! We did a lot of cleaning outside this weekend since we were blessed with wonderful weather again. The days are much shorter and the wind is a little more brisk, but wonderful when we think of what typical Novembers are like in Minnesota.

The barn was our biggest task by far. It was a family event cleaning the barn and to my surprise they all did very well. Not much fighting, no manure throwing and not to much arguing, at least for a few hours. However, there may be one little reason behind the enthusiasm of cleaning the barn together in harmony.......

Actually 3 little reasons! The girls each got a little piggie on Saturday!Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?

My sister-in-law came over with my two adorable nephews for the fun arrival of the little guys! We had quite the time with the first pig, who decided he was making a break for it and ended up giving Farmer aka hubby a run for his money. If I wasn't busy trying to help catch the little guy, I would have been busy snapping pictures of Farmer diving and missing several times. Dang it, those would have been good!

After all the excitement of the pig on the run, my nephew decided he wanted to try a more relaxing past time on the farm, feeding the chickens! We enjoyed the rest of the day just hanging out and keeping it a little less eventful then the morning! All in all we had a great weekend!

Another busy day, many things on my to do list and one of them is making a few apple pies from scratch. I have the darndest time with the pie crust. I am always looking for tried and true tips, so if you have one for pie crusts, please leave a comment and I will give it a whirl!

Enjoy the day!

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